Partner With Us

404-GET-PAID is a highly professional, eco-friendly full service junk car buying company that services Greater Atlanta and its surrounding cities. We pride ourselves in providing the fastest, prompt and most hassle free way of getting rid of any car while paying the fairest market value for any car in any condition.

Why you should Partner With Us

ü  Registered, bonded and fully insured.

ü  Strong capital base which allows us to prepay for up to 50 cars prior to pick up.

ü  We operate 5 new model tow trucks stationed in surrounding major cities waiting for fast, prompt pick up.

ü  Drivers are knowledgeable of paper work and very attentive to detail.

ü  Priority to complete every assignment including paper work within 45 minutes.

ü  We are flexible, allowing us to work with any of your client’s schedule.

ü  We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

ü  Se habla espanol.

ü  Experienced in working with other organizations and businesses.

Our company will love the opportunity to work with car repair shops, used car dealers and non profit organizations who would like to get paid for donated vehicles. Our ability to maximize the value of every car through our various networks allows us to pay you more dollars to help achieve your ultimate goal. We look forward to working with your organization.

For any questions give us a call at 404 GET-PAID or Contact us via email at