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Have you ever wondered “how can I sell my junk car for cash in atlanta ga?”

Get Practical options for dealing with an unreliable old, junk, wrecked or non-running vehicle.


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As a car owner, you may have hit rock bottom when your source of transportation becomes an inconvenience to your daily responsibilities and finances. It becomes difficult to work, run errands, pick up kids and enjoy a social life when your car is not reliable or up to Parr with your standards, level of comfort and even safety!

Usually, the repair cost exceeds the worth of the car and at that point, you may be embarrassed, angry and running out of options for a speedy solution.

No need to panick! This article will cover 4 different options you have for dealing with your old, badly damage, wrecked, or non-running car. If your vehicle is still in great condition, you can also review the available options for selling your car, or trading it in for an upgraded model.


When facing car issues, most people tend to consider the following options:

  • Purchase a new car
  • Sell the car “as is”
  • Trade in
  • Let the car sit.


Let us explore each of the options to make sure that you can make the best decision especially if the vehicle is no longer running and you desire to get rid of your junk car.

  1. Purchase a new car: If you have the cash or means to purchase a hot new ride then by all means GO FOR IT! Be sure to work with a friend car dealer that will offer you a sweet price! Before you make the purchase, may sure you sell your old junk car to a junk car buyer and add the extra cash to the deposit payment on your new vehicle.
  2. Sell Your Car: When evaluating your vehicle, it is vital to be honest about its’ current condition before placing an ad to find a potential car buyer.  If you have a non-running car or even a wrecked, burned, old or junk car, you are in serious luck! You can literally turn your clunker into cold cash simply by contacting a junk car removal service in Atlanta GA and they will buy your junk car from you! For example, You can get started today with a simple Google search for “sell my junk car for cash Atlanta GA” and you will find auto salvage companies that will pay you top dollar for you junk car. Find a good junk car buyer that will also offer free towing from the vehicle location! You can always use the extra cash for other purchases or it can be invested in the purchase of a new car. If you have a used car that is still in good condition, you can still sell it to a used car buyer in your local area. Placing an ad in the paper or on craigslist can attract potential buyers as well. Some consumers searching for vehicles online are definite about their preference while many others search based on their financial situation. It is essential that your online AD is clear and concise. Research the vehicle’s year, make and model to gain an idea of what its’ worth. This knowledge will give you an upper hand when it comes down to negotiating.
  3. Trade in your car: This is a great option is you have a good running car that is still in good condition. You can trade your car in for a newer model or a different car of your choice. In some instances, you may have to pay the difference in price for the value of the new car. If you choose to trade in your car then you will want to take your car to a used car dealer in the Atlanta Ga area or in your local community. When a car dealer looks at your car, they will evaluate the body, the interior, and mileage, under the hood and general maintenance. They are interested in estimating the value of your car and if they can make a profit when they sell it. Usually they may run a Carfax report or evaluate your car using Kelly Blue Books.
  4. Let your car sit: Unfortunately many people give up on their troublesome vehicle and eventually abandon their junk car or non-running vehicle in their driveway. This should be avoided at all costs because doing so will eventually result in penalties and fines from your local township. In most states and counties, it is illegal to leave a non-running vehicle on your property and without insurance. Why continue to spend money on a junk car that is not running? Your best option is to sell your car to a junk car buyer who will pay you cash to remove your unwanted vehicle from your driveway.


Do you have an unreliable vehicle that is also in and out of the car repair shops? How are you dealing with your car issues? What did you do to get rid of your car? Please share any suggestions or comments below.



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