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“We were on a family vacation for Thanksgiving in Atlanta. GA. When we arrived, our only source of transportation broke down on us. We searched online and found 404-GET-PAID and they came to our rescue. They paid us cash on the spot. It was enough to rent a car to get us back home safely and we still had extra in our pocket. Their service was fast, efficient and it didn’t even ruin our Thanksgiving trip. This company loves to help. We were helped and paid at the same time. Thanks 404-GET-PAID.
Donny Varner

“After getting into an accident and totaling my car, I called 404-GET-PAID. They came out within the hour to the tow yard, paid off my balance with the towing company and paid me the rest in cash. Being so fluttered after the accident, they were very professional and took care of all the paper work that I didn’t care to do. I got paid A LOT more then what I expected to get for a totaled car. For such a bad situation to happen, they helped me make the most of it.”Keira Hamilton

“Like their name says, I got PAID! Not only that, I was paid more than I expected and my junk car was removed shortly after, free of charge. I would recommend them to any one, any day.”David Hiest

” I was surprised at the great turnaround time to get rid of my car. It had been sitting on my property for a couple of weeks. I called to get an estimate on what it was worth, and within a matter of minutes, I had cash in hand and the car was off my property. Great experience!”Tony Mickelson

I have to say this because I have never had this happen to me in my almost 58 years of life. Your organization is very professional, starting with the website and the contact me info sent thru that site. Normally, I run into sites that don’t respond or don’t read the comment I make about respecting my private phone calls at work versus sending responses thru e-mail. The person came to my house on time and was actually a few minutes early. The time to deal with him was short and pleasant and the car is already gone from my house barely over 24 hrs after my initial contact me message was sent in at the website. Very impressed.Robert E. McClellan