What is a Junk Car?: Get Paid For A Damaged NON-Running Car
Are you tired of looking at that car in your driveway?

Do you really plan on getting your car fixed?

Would you rather trade your non-running vehicle for cash?


Carrie says
" was too embarrassed to be seen in my junk car so I dumped it on the side of my house" - YOU


sell my junk car atlanta ga 404 get paidWe all have seen that hideous car smothered with debris, dirt and algae from sitting alongside the road or in a driveway. With an uprising industry of Junk car buyers, there is hope for someone like Carrie. There are many junk car buyers listed in the Metro-Atlanta area but be sure to pick the junk car removal service that will arrive promptly and ready to pay you the highest amount to dispose your vehicle.

Sometimes you’ve gotta let that crap go!

According to the law, after a car has been in one position for nearly a year, it can be considered a junk car. The term “junk” has been expressed in many ways including waste, trash, scrap, salvage, clunker, hooptie and other slang terms.  You may recognize a junk car as a vehicle that has been discarded, ruined, wrecked or dismantled and therefore remains inoperative or incapable of being driven. To avoid paying heavy fines for leaving a non-running junk car in your driveway or on public property, you must contact a junk car buyer to properly dispose and recycle your vehicle.

“What process will I go through if i want to sell my junk car?”

These licensed auto salvage professionals are stationed throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. They will come to the potential seller and appraise the car for its most accurate worth. The price given by the appraiser is what the seller will receive in cash and typically on the spot! If the seller accepts the offer, all legal documents such as the car tittle will be reviewed and concluded with a bill of sale document which  can used as a receipt for your taxes.Within 24 hours, the vehicle is removed off property. I have found 1 company that promises to be at your location within 45 minutes.

404-GET-PAID is the number 1 Junk Car Buyer in Atlanta GA

A primary example of Junk Car buyers is 404-GET-PAID. This company services North side, Southside, and Metro-Atlanta Georgia. They are based in Scottdale, GA and have a friendly staff, tower specialists and pick-up drivers that operate 7 days a week and are enthused about how many clients they help daily. In my opinion, they are the best in the industry!
404-GET-PAID specifically offers Referral fees for those who advertise their services and assist them in growing their brand by acquiring more customers each day.


Check out what someone else said:

Libin from Decatur, Georgia says
After getting into an accident and totaling my car, I called 404-GET-PAID in Atlanta. They came out within the hour to the tow yard, paid off my balance with the towing company and paid me the rest in cash. Being so fluttered after the accident, they were very professional and took care of all the paper work that I didn't care to do. I got paid A LOT more than what I expected to get for a totaled car. For such a bad situation to happen, they helped me make the most of it.


Keep in mind there are local businesses that are waiting to cater to your need. As the New Year approaches, it’s time to take action towards a clutter-free life. Out with the old, in with the new! You can do it.


Do you or someone you know own a junk car? Have you ever been fined for leaving your non running vehicle on your driveway? What did you do to get rid of your car? Please share any suggestions or comments below.



About Author Blurb:

Nnenna Lovette is the brand manager for 404-GET-PAID an Atlanta Ga Junk car removal company that operates 365 days a year and takes pride in providing the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to get rid of your old vehicle and receive cash on the spot for it. Click here to receive our free report: How To Sell Your Old Car: Do Not Sell Your Car To A Junk Car Buyer Unless You Read This


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